Decade-long Toyota data breach puts two million customers at risk

#Toyota is one of the top car makers in the world. So when the company suffers a customer data breach, the numbers rank in the millions.

Last week, the company shared that it had just identified a decade-long data breach, which exposed its customers’ confidential information – from vehicle data to on-camera footage and even emergency contact information.

The cause was identified as that human error, and the lack of detection mechanisms allowed this to exist for ten years.

While we are glad that Toyota has indicated that there is currently no evidence that the exposed data has been used for any malicious activity, this is another stark reminder of the need to have proactive and intelligent detection mechanisms in place and to utilize innovative solutions to remove the reliance on human intervention.

Find out what our #CEO Camellia Chan had to say in this article by Verdict:

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Toyota has announced a decade-long data breach of its main cloud service platform, affecting around 2.15m users in Japan.

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