Automotive High-Speed Interfaces: Future Challenges for System-Level HV ESD Protection and First-Time-Right Design – In Complian…

???? As cars drive towards electrification, autonomous operation, and integration into IoT, in-vehicle-network architecture is racing to keep pace to meet the demand for high-speed data processing.

In his paper, which was awarded the 2021 Symposium Outstanding Paper at the 44th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium hosted by EOS/ESD Association, Inc., Sergej Bub analyzes the future design challenges of system-level ESD protection for automotive high-speed data links such as multi-gigabit Ethernet and SERDES.

The paper highlights the benefit of a SEED simulation-based pre-design phase of the more advanced automotive high-speed links. Moreover, the tool allows an appropriate selection of external ESD and passive components to achieve a first-time-right system ESD design in compliance with RF signal integrity.

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This paper describes future design challenges of discrete system-level ESD protection (high-voltage, low-capacitance) of automotive high-speed data links such as multi-gigabit ETHERNET and SERDES/video-links. A special focus is put on an in-depth analysis and accurate modeling of the complex ESD beh…

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