Interactive Datasheets

Our new interactive datasheets put MOSFET behavior analysis at your fingertips. We let some engineers at PCIM Europe this week have a test drive, and the response was overwhelmingly positive! We’re especially proud to have engineered a solution that kept things simple while delivering full functionality. #KISS

These datasheets effectively offer a type of graphical user interface to a circuit simulator, using our advanced electrothermal models to calculate the operating point of a device. In addition, they allow engineers to visualize immediately the interaction between parameters such as gate voltage, drain current, RDS(on) and temperature. Their collective contribution to the device behavior is then displayed dynamically in tables or graphs.

Chris Boyce, Senior Director of Nexperia’s Power MOSFET business adds, “Whether you are a Design Engineer looking to see how a device will perform at elevated temperature, or a Component Engineer trying to compare devices under different test conditions, our new interactive datasheets are designed to make your life easier.”

More than 200 interactive datasheets are already available, see them in action –

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