Beyond Qg(tot) and RDS(on): The forgotten parameters that impact MOSFET efficiency – Quick Learning

The package options for our NextPower 80/100 V MOSFET portfolio now include LFPAK56 & LFPAK88. Previously only available in LFPAK56E, these devices have been designed to combine high efficiency with reduced spiking behavior in telecommunications, server computing, industrial, power supply, fast charging, USB-PD, and motor control applications.

MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) selection has traditionally been based on the typical Figure of Merit, Qg(tot) (Total Gate Charge) and RDS(on) (Drain-Source on Resistance). However, with the industry pressure to reduce these values, other parameters such as Qgd (Gate Drain Charge), Body Diode (Vf – Forward Voltage) and reverse diode recovery (Qrr – Reverse Recovery Charge) are often forgotten. These parameters can actually have quite the impact on device efficiency.

Join Rick Daley as he takes a closer look at how Nexperia’s NextPower80/100V MOSFETs are optimised for efficiency, with low spiking across a wide RDS(on) range as well as offering reduced ringing which allows for further optimised dead time.

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