Nexperia Energy Harvesting Solutions — Nexperia and Mouser Electronics

???? How are we changing the energy harvesting game and working towards a sustainable future for electronics? Rodrigo sat down with Amelia from EE Journal to explore the design process and why our inductor-less PMICs are an energy harvesting innovation worth following for wearable technology, sensor-based applications, and more.

In certain consumer products and IoT implementations, energy harvesting with rechargeable batteries is a promising field that can significantly increase battery lifespan while reducing the total cost of ownership. Energy harvesting here refers to the efficient utilization of ambient energy sources like solar, temperature gradients, radio frequency and vibrations to power devices.

Not only does it help the environment by lowering the number of discarded primary batteries, but the longer lifespan of current batteries also decreases the amount of raw material mined. Our long-term goal should be to use natural resources efficiently with the least possible environmental footprint.

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May 9, 2023 — Energy harvesting is a great way to ensure a sustainable future of electronics by eliminating batteries and e-waste. In this episode of Chalk …

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